the heart-collector

lost and alone
where am i?
i can’t find me anywhere
i love you
finding love
opening my heart
loving you
tumbleweeds in my soul

what do I long for?
your face?
you want my heart
all of it
i say it’s yours
you may claim your prize

the heart-collector
relentless as the rain pounding the tin roof
all of me you say
you want all of me
i can no longer deny you your favor
for i cannot and will not linger in a world of pain alone
i will join to you
for it is my favor as well

the heart-collector
the one i’ve been waiting for with all my hope
and the one i’ve been running from
struggling to escape the shadows that cannot be erased.

i love you
we will join as one and win the battle over what’s meant to be
and what will not happen

i need you like the willful flower turning to the light
you are my source
without you i cannot go on
i am no longer estranged from the one most dear

my soul has triumphed in love

– Karen J. Brand