Last week, we had an entire day of drenching rain where I live near Baltimore. A Nor’easter came through our area – thank goodness it wasn’t snow as they usually are – and dumped more than 5 inches of rain on us.

I was itching to get outside to do my normal walk but there were no breaks in the rain. So I decided to go out anyway. I had tried earlier in the morning to get my chihuahua out for her walk, but just a quick jaunt to a patch of grass was all that she was up for.

Donning my warm, waterproof jacket and my umbrella, I ventured outside into the storm. It was exhilarating! The rain pounded my umbrella and there was a steady flood of water cascading off of it. I live on a small hill and the torrents of water were sliding down toward the drains and with them were brilliantly colored fall leaves floating and twirling atop.

As you can imagine, I didn’t run into another soul on my trek! Usually there are runners, neighbors walking their dogs and kids playing. My goal was to walk to the library a few blocks away and pick up a book or two to pass the time.

I found a stick and removed piles of leaves from the drains on the street. The water satisfactorily began pouring into them rather than pooling on the street.

Sidewalks were flooded and I forged onward with the water being up around my ankles at times. I splished and splashed through it all, even jumping in giant puddles… heck, I was wet anyway!

Why do I do things like this?

I have to stay wild.

Because I don’t have a choice.

This sense of wildness has always been with me. I need these experiences of life to teach me, to give me insight into why I am here. My love of the outdoors compels me to be out in it, even when it appears to not be at its finest. There are lessons to be learned especially when we choose to show up in the world when it’s not perfect.

Like you, I’ve been taught to not go out in the rain, to not do this or that. (My sister always said I would melt if I were a witch and I never wanted to find out if that was true or not. And my Dad said that only cows were stupid enough to stand in the rain. And of course “You’ll catch your death of cold.”) Well, I’m done listening to those old voices. Maybe it’s because I haven’t done my usual bit of traveling this year, and I’m looking for those experiences that take me out of my normal routine. Whatever it is, I have to be out there.

To me, rain (and water) represent the spiritual part of my life. I need to be drenched in it right now. I have a feeling that we all do. Sometimes I feel like the whole world is crying and could use a good strong, refreshing bout of rain right about now.

When was the last time you defied expectations and ran wild?

You need it.

Your soul needs it.

I invite you on a wild adventure, even if it’s just for a few minutes. There are stars to be stared at, trees to be examined, and soon… snowflakes to be caught on your tongue…