Everyone loves angels! They are constantly around to guide, watch over and protect us. I see them as beautiful beings with the most gentle and Divine energy around them. My heart fills to the brim with their amazing sweet energy.

Here are some of my favorite ways to connect to angels:

Say hello
Yes, it’s that easy! Stop and say hello to them right now. They’re right around you and are incredibly delighted that you are attempting to reach out to them. Introduce yourself and ask them to show themselves to you. Angels send us signs, so be ready to notice them.

Ask for help
Angels love to help you! All you have to do is ask. When going to the mall, I ask the angels to find me a close parking spot (and adding that those who are more needy than me get first dibs). If I’m driving to an appointment, I ask them to do to make the traffic lights green and to get me to my destination safely. If I have a headache, I ask for their assistance in relieving it. They can help in any and every situation, so don’t forget to call them in.

As we pray, angels will come. Invite in their assistance to be with you on your spiritual journey. Ask for healing, abundance and for whatever you need. I often ask for them to surround me with their healing presence as I go through my day. I ask them to go to people who need their help… those who have lost loved ones, who suffer from physical ailments, and those who just seem to need a friend.

Create an Altar
Create a small space in your home to place an altar to the angels. It doesn’t have to be big or formal, just make it a place where you love to go to. It can even be on top of your dresser. Placing objects like angel statues or photos, feathers or other natural elements, and other symbols there will be a beautiful testament to your angels. Invite them in to be with you as you arrange the items. Lighting a candle and using incense will make the space feel wonderful and special.

Enjoy meeting your angels!