Every have one of those days (or 2 or three) where you feel down in the dumps? Maybe it’s the full moon, you’ve beaten up on yourself for a mistake or you’re just plain old exhausted from too much work?

I have those days once in a while, just like you. Often they come when it’s been raining for more than a day and the gloominess outside reaches inside of me. And a lot of the time the negative feelings have snuck up on me, and I can’t easily identify where they started.

If the feelings persist more than a day, I go dumpster diving into my emotions!  Yep, I get right on in there amidst yesterday’s halibut, my attempt at a casserole and 3 pairs of old socks with holes in them.

I root around looking for the emotional reason that I’m here up to my elbows in trash.

Maybe I’ve heard my same old excuses go around for the umpteenth time, and they’ve finally taken me down. Fear loves to lay here in the trash, and it takes me a few attempts to uncover it. If I’ve let too much negativity in (from myself or others), I need to identify and clear it.

I find that often this trash is not even mine! Maybe I’ve taken on someone else’s depression or let harsh words sink into me too deep.

I have to pull out each piece of trash, examine it and find the truth of it. Does it belong to me? Where can I forgive? Do I need to apologize to someone or myself?

Dumpster diving is a habit for me now. I’ve made a daily practice of going in to see what emotional trash lives there, and I expose it to the fresh air, process it and release it. A lot of clarity comes with this practice and that down-in-the-dumps feelings go away.

How about you?