I am an artist, teacher, web designer, and yes, a medium.

I often surprise people because I’m not too much of the woo-woo kind of medium… I’m down-to-earth and practical. This work has  helped me in my daily life… everything from finding a close parking spot on a rainy day (just ask an angel for help) to running my web design business (call in your business angels) to talking to my chihuahua (Miss Penny) to see if she is ready for a walk.

For most of my life, I had no knowledge of spirit or angels… just what I knew from going to church once in a while. I didn’t “see things” or talk to dead people walking through my bedroom. I never felt a connection to anything spiritual – in fact, I didn’t even know what that meant.

I had always been searching for a way to resolve the wounds of childhood and to find who I am and what my purpose here was. I visited many shamans and healers, hoping to find a way to put all of this into perspective and move forward in my life. They gave me a few answers, but nothing that touched my core, and I had just about lost hope that I could find “me” anywhere.

In my 40s, I happened upon a spiritual class with Adele, and I began to learn about angels, spirit guides and all things in the spiritual realms. My skepticism (yes, it was very strong!) was challenged as I started to open up and have experiences that couldn’t be explained. Before I knew it, my whole heart was involved, Karen’s Heart, and I knew that I belonged here doing this work.

I changed my life in the most amazing way… I’m here to help you change yours, too.

Upcoming Classes!

guided meditations & mediumship development classes are forming!