Dearest One,

I am here for you – ALL of you. You need not be afraid any longer for my arms are around you, holding you tight. You wrestle and wriggle trying to deny that I’m here, but your Heart will always go toward the Truth, even if your mind tells you differently.

I wait for you patiently. I watch as you glimpse pieces of the Light and see your joy as you find the hope that more and more Light will be exposed in you.

I sense the conflict in you about being of this world or being in Spirit. The world keeps trying to pull you back in, doesn’t it, with its mindless TV shows and ego-driven goals. I feel your fight as you try to rise above these things, and I open doors to help you see me more clearly. You know that the fight is not necessary – all it takes is a flash of acceptance that will shift your entire world. For it is your choice to live in ego or in the truth. I gave you that choice so that you may understand that ALL of it is a choice.

You make me laugh. Your wicked wit makes people dance in their shoes as they grasp the full meaning of your words. You giggle inside at your own jokes, and that is as precious as can be. A gift indeed to be able to entertain oneself!

I extend my hand to you right now. Will you extend yours? Even lifting a pinky will do. I will continually ask for the extension of your Self. Inch by inch, I invite you to experience me more fully. As you give to me, I will give to you. The riches are untold as you relax your mind and body into me, for I AM the one who holds your heart so tenderly. I will never hurt you. Never. You have learned that being in your world holds pain and suffering at every corner. Not so with me. For I am the beginning and the end, and my mission is singular – for you to find who you are within Love.

I will never leave you, for you and I are one in the same. My heart is your heart. I love you.

Embracing you in the sweetest, deepest Love that you can imagine.