Hello, Beautiful One.

I haven’t been around lately, I know. I haven’t been here for you. So now I hear you cry and you’re filled with anguish that you’ve been left alone… again.

Talk to me

Love me

Hug me

Just be with me

I get distracted with life and some days I bulldoze through my job and housework and a million other things. I forget about you. I forget that you have feelings that run really deep. I think that if I just get this one last task done that I’ll be able to relax. But it’s at a cost to you. You feel overwhelmed, pushed around… bullied even. You tell me that you’re hurt or tired or scared. But I ignore you and just keep going.

I’m here. 
I’m scared.

Where are you?

So your cries get louder and I feel the pang of loneliness inside of me, but I keep on going. I’ve almost completed my list, but wait… I bet I can mop the kitchen floor, too, because things just need to be done.

But what a cost.

I’ve left you hanging, alone and frightened. You’re dying inside for a scrap of attention. You’re calling and calling, but I’m not answering. So you get louder, demanding that I notice. You’re stressed and tired.

Give me just a moment of recognition, a second of your time. I need you.

I have to keep going, I say. I need to watch that show on TV, then I’ll get to you. Then it’s time for bed. I’ve forgotten all about you. There’s tomorrow, I say… I’ll definitely talk with you tomorrow.

I don’t believe you any more.
I’m dying here.
You don’t love me.

Then your tantrums start and you get louder and louder. I can’t ignore you now. The pain is growing inside of me and I wonder why. I feel hurt and tired and stressed just like you. I can’t think. The pain is at an uncomfortable level.

Oh no… I haven’t even acknowledged my little girl for a long time. She’s been crying out. Then I start to cry that a small child is hurting so much. She’s been talking to me and I haven’t been listening. Oh, sweetheart, let me take you into my arms. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been there. You are my love, my sweetheart, the very heart of who I am.

I love you. I love you.

I need you. I need you.

We’re together until the end of time. Yes, we are.

* * * * *
Each of us has an inner child that is begging for our attention. A lot of us have even forgotten that she is there. She’s at the very core of us, the one who knows us best. Think of her as a small child that’s in your care. Would you stay at work late every night if you knew that she was home alone and frightened? Would you keep cleaning your house as you hear her sobbing in pain?

I learned that my inner child is at the heart of me, and as I take care of her needs, my life is more peaceful and I’m more loving toward myself.

My wish is that you’ll find your little one inside. Connect with him or her. It takes practice, but it’s well worth your time. Your life will be transformed in ways that you can’t imagine, and as you find that love inside, those around you will be transformed, too.